Sound that's better, not louder

We spend a lot of our time testing technology products. It’s not too often that we are left speechless.

Audeara are the world’s first full-fidelity headphone with a built-in hearing test that has revolutionised the listening experience by tailoring sound based on your hearing test result.

“You wouldn’t use glasses that weren’t adjusted to your vision. Why would you use headphones that aren’t adjusted to your hearing”


  • The first time the headphones are worn, the user performs a hearing test – the results of which are then stored in the headphones themselves.
  • Every person hears differently and your left hears differently to your right, so the Audeara app measures these differences for you to visually monitor and track your unique hearing profile as it changes over time.
  • From there, your hearing profile is programmed into your Audeara headphones, which learn how to tailor sound for calls, movie viewing, every day applications and music to meet your individual needs.

Look out for Audeara in retail stores in the UK and Amazon soon!