Life after Molzi - 131% sales uplift YoY

Increasing sales on Amazon

One of the most satisfying things about working with new Molzi brands on Amazon is the instant impact that’s possible. Unlike selling to retailers which has a longer sales cycle and requires us to work within the retailers range refresh dates, Amazon are always open to changes.

The graph above is one of the best sights on Amazon’s Vendor Central. It shows monthly sell out values and is a great visual acknowledgement of the impact our Amazon team can make. In this particular example, the brand has been selling on Amazon UK for over 8 years. We started working with them on 1st December and focused on improving content and starting AMS (PPC marketing) campaigns on the key selling items. You can see the impact that this made on sell out within the first month. Now we’re in March and sell out is tracking +131% versus 2017.

We work with new brands to get them set-up on Amazon, but can have an even quicker impact on brands that currently trade with Amazon but need some help increasing sales.

We’d love to hear from you to discuss your aspirations with Amazon.