How to optimise your Amazon listings for mobile

Technology is always advancing and so too do consumer habits. Mobile shopping usually takes place when consumers are preoccupied with other things. Product images must therefore be fully optimised for mobile as consumers may not take the time to read or view item descriptions. M-commerce is responsible for more than half of all internet traffic after all! 

It is becoming ever more popular to optimise your Amazon product listings for the consumer on the go, yet 52% of retailers believe they aren’t ready for the influx of mobile shopping features heading this way. One way to prepare for mobile shopping is to make sure your Amazon listings have mobile ready hero images.

The top 3 things shoppers look for in an Amazon listing

  • Brand – The name of the company.
  • Variant Type – What specific product it is.
  • Size – How much of the product there is.
It is evident that the image is ultimately going to be the selling point for your product on mobile as shoppers use their phones to scroll through products via the image. Rather than browse for different products, mobile shoppers usually know what they want and scroll through images until they find the specific brand/item. With this in mind, the primary image portrayed on Amazon’s search results should clearly show these 3 things to make mobile shopping more efficient for the consumer. This may also avoid missing out on any possible sales caused by the consumer scrolling past your listing as it wasn’t clear.

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What makes a good mobile-ready hero image?

The image should be stripped back to a simpler design so it isn’t cluttered with unneeded information. Anything unimportant should be taken out and replaced by any needed information to make it more efficient and condensed.  It must evidently show the brand, type of product and item variant as well as any extra information that might specify the exact product being sold.

When viewed at 16mm size on mobile and held at arms length away (75cm) a shopper with good vision should be able to determine all key elements from the digital pack. 

Different ways to make product images mobile ready

Most product images can be stretched into a square/rectangular format. It keeps the product’s recognisable features such as design, shape & colour for quick recognition and makes it clear and concise as to what is being bought.
Products must show entire product to follow Amazon’s product listing regulations. All important information should be made larger in image to differentiate it from other products.
Rarely seen on Amazon recently. The image clearly shows the brand name but is accompanied with the product variation in a strip and the size in a box next to it. This can be underneath or on the right hand side of the image written upwards.
Multipacks should show lots of the product plus the number of uses/number of products.
Packaging should be presented with a simpler decluttered design with one of the products pulled out.

Although mobile-ready hero images have mostly been discussed in terms of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), the same practices can be applied to other products. 

One perfect example are DVDs & CDs; like FMCG consumers want to know the name of the product, type of product (DVD/Blu-ray, CD) and item variant (trilogy collection/collectors edition) as well as any extra information (film company, age classification.


Above are only general examples of the different types of mobile-ready hero images, every product is different and what looks good with one ASIN may not work as successfully with another. It is always best to try different alterations to see what sells best for your product. 

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Amazon’s image restrictions & regulations claim that “Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that’s for sale”. Mobile-ready hero images in actuality bend this rule as they have been altered to make them more efficient for consumers. It is to the seller’s discretion then whether they decide to change their hero image as Amazon may decide to reject it. Those with Brand Registry may file a claim to prevent this from happening though. Amazon does not have any information on optimising for mobile at this time.

If you need help optimising your product listings for mobile, feel free to give us a call. We can help you with optimising your content both on mobile and desktop too!