Amazon Account Set-up & Integration

We'll do the heavy-lifting of setting up your brand's Amazon presence

Maybe you’re already selling on Amazon UK, using FBA, but looking to drive incremental sales? 

We can expand your Amazon business to new countries and set you up on various other global marketplaces in countries where Amazon doesn’t even exist!


Even better, we can integrate these new marketplaces with your existing fulfilment solution, so you don’t need to process orders or ship stock. 

We will handle the account set up, product set-ups and integration. You just need to watch the sales roll in.


We can handle account creation, product set-ups and eBay & Amazon business integration

  • eBay and Amazon Seller account set-ups and management. 
  • eBay and Amazon product setups including keyword research and search engine optimisations.
  • Support with Amazon-specific requirements such as Frustration Free Packaging (FFP).
  • Integration solutions suited to the marketplaces you are selling on, and the ones you’re targeting. 
  • Integrating new ecommerce channels with your existing fulfilment solutions, for example Amazon FBA.
  • Assistance with brand protection programs like Amazon Brand Registry and Transparency.


The Top 10 Global Ecommerce Marketplaces

There are plenty of unknown marketplaces that sellers could sell on. For this reason, we have reviewed over 80 marketplaces and identified where the biggest opportunities for growth lies other than Amazon. All of which we can help set up of.


Setting up an Amazon Seller account

Want to sell your products on Amazon but have no idea where to start? The 1st step is to create an Amazon Seller account and begin listing your products. Molzi has created a step by step guide to help set up an Amazon seller account so you can begin growing your sales!

Claim your brand on Amazon

Marketplaces are estimated to account for 40% of the global online retail market. Amazon has over 310M active shoppers worldwide so whether you’re selling through an Amazon account directly or resisting the marketplace giant, it’s highly likely that your products are already being sold by third party sellers. We can help you manage the way your brand is being represented online, whether you choose to sell on these channels or not. We are the Amazon experts in ensuring that your assets are set up correctly.
Amazon Set Up & Integration

Need support with Amazon integration or Amazon Seller account set-up?

The results of Amazon business integration really do speak for themselves, with many businesses seeing a significant increase in both sales and brand recognition within just a year. Dealing with Amazon business integration and setting up an Amazon seller account can sometimes be a complex process; so, at Molzi, we’re on hand to make ensure that your Amazon business integration is done with your company’s goals and targets at its heart. There’s no denying that a successful Amazon business integration will drive and revive your sales, but we’ll make sure it’s done in a way that enables optimum benefit.

From assistance with brand protection to Amazon product optimisations, we can ensure that your Amazon business integration is a successful one.

Why should I consider Amazon business integration?

If you’re looking to grow your business, then selling on Amazon will mean that you can take great advantage of Amazon’s addressable audience and even begin to earn repeat business without the need for additional marketing. At Molzi, our mission is to help you see (and take advantage of) the endless opportunities that an Amazon business integration can have for your company. In order to do this, we will pick a selling plan that suits your business model and then set to work managing your Amazon account so that before long, you will see significant growth in product sales and therefore a healthy ROI for your company.

As well as Amazon business integration and creating brand new accounts for businesses that want to begin their Amazon sales journey, we can also help existing sellers on Amazon who feel that they are just not making enough sales. At Molzi, we can manage your Amazon account so that you can retain control of your brand and pricing, but let us do the hard work, and still see an increase in profits.

So, for a comprehensive Amazon service solution and a smooth Amazon business integration that delivers results quickly, contact the experts at Molzi today.