Amazon Advertising

Amazon is the 3rd largest advertising platform in the world

Once your product pages are retail-ready, it’s time to drive traffic to them with an Amazon advertising strategy.

Our team of expert Amazon PPC advertising consultants do this by setting up and managing your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns.

Amazon Sponsored Ads allow brands to increase product visibility by getting their products to the top of relevant search results.

Our Amazon advertising services will create a Pay-Per-Click strategy for you, based on product profitability, availability, Buy Box share, and of course, your business goals and sales targets to optimise your sales.

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As your Amazon advertising agency, we offer:

  • Advertising audits to identify pitfalls, recommendations and formulate your advertising strategy. 
  • Amazon advertising campaign creation, portfolio set-ups, monitoring and reporting.
  • Amazon advertising budget management including day-part bidding to mitigate out-of-budget issues.
  • Rules-based optimisation using industry-leading ads management software.
  • Opportunities to enter BETA Amazon advertising product tests.
  • DSP consulting to ensure your media investments are closely aligned with your retail strategy. 

Case Study

Indigo Jamm

Indigo Jamm needed a way to tell its story of quality and sustainability on Amazon to help drive awareness and sales more effectively. An integral part of the Molzi strategy was to use Amazon advertising to help increase visibility and grow their overall sales.

Case Study


Lenovo wanted help managing their Amazon Ad campaigns. We didn’t disappoint. Our advertising strategy meant that we achieved the no. 1 Best Seller position in the Amazon Laptops store. All in time for the start of Black Friday.

We create Amazon ad strategies right for your brand

Everything we do directly supports sales. Because we’re Amazon specialists, we’ll ensure your promotional, Sponsored Ads and DSP strategies are closely aligned with your retail targets. 

We manage Sponsored Ads for top tier brands across all Amazon categories. We’ll work to build relevancy for new product listings, educate shoppers about new launches, drive low ACoS sales of hero products, cut wasted spend, find new-to-brand customers and help launch in new countries. Our advertising campaigns are targeted to meet the individual needs & wants of the seller so that no strategy is ever the same.

Amazon PPC

We can help you win at Amazon advertising.

Why should you have an Amazon Advertising Strategy?

Ads targeted to the right people, in high visibility locations on Amazon, can be powerful in driving sales for your business. The right Amazon advertising strategy, which has been developed specifically for your brand by an Amazon agency, can ensure that your brand is presented to shoppers when they are searching for a specific keyword. It’s all well and good knowing that your Amazon business should be using an Amazon strategy but actually knowing how to get the best possible results can be tricky. As with all of our solutions, Molzi’s Amazon ad management is tailored specifically to your business, targeting your ideal customer demographics, based on your buyer personas. This direct targeting can be used for anything from promoting seasonal sales to piquing interest in a brand new product. If you want to make the most of the booming popularity of the Amazon marketplace through the use of advertising, then hiring professionals, such as Molzi, for expert Amazon ad management is the way to do it.

As an Amazon agency, Molzi has plenty of experience when it comes to Amazon ad management and so will come up with a solution that is closely aligned with your retail targets. Careful research on your products, your target customers and the marketplace ensure that every single penny of your Amazon advertising budget is put to good use. Once your strategy is set up and your ads established, we’ll work meticulously in managing the account and reporting back with detailed tracking performance analysis, to you as the customer.

For more information about how our Amazon ad agency team can help your business be the best it can be on Amazon, contact Molzi today.