Amazon Consulting & Strategy

An Amazon strategy consultancy that puts your needs first.

The age of ecommerce can be challenging for brands to navigate; that’s why we start by understanding your marketplace challenges and aspirations. From this brief, our Amazon consultant services will audit your existing content, advertising and retail strategy, as well as that of your competitors, to identify opportunities and guide you towards achieving your goals.
In addition, our Amazon consultants will analyse the market and present new opportunities for your business – for instance, product trends or marketplace and country expansion – and provide you with the supporting data to properly assess each potential route. Then we can help you see it through!

Our Amazon consultants can build your Amazon strategy, or train your team on the bits you need help with

  • Account audits to flag sales-inhibiting issues and assess the performance of your content and Sponsored Ads 
  •  Ongoing strategic support, from pricing to helping negotiate more preferable terms with Amazon
  • Understanding the category and competitor landscape to spot gaps in product offerings and recommend competitive tactics
  • Training for your teams on best practices and strategies for content and advertising
  • Training on understanding the Amazon flywheel, and how to set up and trade competitively on the #1 marketplace
  • Opportunities identification, from product trends to expansion into new countries or marketplaces like eBay

Case Study

Indigo Jamm

Indigo Jamm were originally using am Vendor Central account  but it just wasn’t the right  account for their brand vision. After consulting with us, we created an Amazon sales strategy and were able to increase sales by 100% YoY.

Case Study


Lenco hired Molzi to help launch their brand on Amazon UK, building brand awareness in the UK market, and growing sales. Our Amazon consultants advised on their account & created an ad strategy that matched the goals for Lenco

What Amazon consulting services do we offer?

It is thought that ecommerce growth is set to increase by $42B over the next 4 years (+87% vs. 2018) so getting Amazon right is key.

Research is just the beginning of our Amazon consulting services. How much demand exists for your products on Amazon and other marketplaces? How well is your category growing on these ecommerce channels? Is there a price tier that works best? Which trends are emerging in the market?

Our Amazon consultants can help answer these questions, and train your team on how to achieve success in all aspects of marketplace management, from trading to reporting, content optimisation and advertising

Amazon consultancy

Do you need an Amazon consultant to help with marketplace strategy?

What are the benefits of using an Amazon consulting service?

By partnering with an Amazon consulting agency with years of experience, such as Molzi, you are giving your business the best chance at for boosting product orders. With the knowledge and experience of a consultant to hand, you have a much better chance of developing a smart strategy that will stand out against competitors. Since its beginning in 1994, Amazon has evolved, and still continues to change, rapidly, which is why your business could benefit from the advice of an expert, rather than attempting to navigate the tricky and ever-changing e-commerce marketplace on your own.

As your Amazon consultant, we can offer advice that is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. After getting to know the workings of your business, your product range and your audience, our advice will be tailored specifically to you. We ensure that you are kept up to date on the latest changes in the industry (such as tweaks to Amazon’s algorithm) so that your business can perform in the best way it ever has, on Amazon. Our experience means we can give your business the upper hand against competitors, something that is completely crucial when it comes to earning more revenue and making Amazon work for you.

Amazon strategy consulting: does it work?

Hiring an Amazon consulting agency lays the foundations for a better ROI from your Amazon business. If you’re partnered with an agency that can offer professional, expert Amazon consulting services, you will receive advice and guidance that will lead to bigger and better sales and will therefore see an increased ROI. From the case studies above, you can see that Molzi have had plenty of experience when it comes to Amazon consultancy that actually works and we want to do the same for you.

We are not only dedicated to growing your sales stream, but also your brand name and profile, as you become more and more established in this part of the e-commerce world. We are committed to offering support, advice, training and expertise that make a significant difference in growing your Amazon sales, no matter your niche. As a professional Amazon consulting firm, we want to help your business sell more products and once a strategy is in place, we don’t take our eye off the ball. Instead, we’ll continue to closely monitor your company’s progress and adapt the strategy accordingly, in what can be a fast-paced and quickly changing online environment. Perhaps you’ve attempted to navigate the world of Amazon sales before and know you’ll benefit from a little help, or maybe you’re yet to explore this side of your business? Either way, don’t go it alone. Revive sales, reduce PPC costs and fight hard against your competitors with the Amazon experts at Molzi, Amazon consulting services that won’t let you down. Contact us today to start your journey.