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Molzi's Top Lessons Learned as an Amazon Agency


In honour of Molz’s 3rd birthday, join Chris Mole, Molzi Founder and CEO, Ethan Kitching, CCO and Bridget Morrow, Head of Client Services as they discuss the lessons learned in the last few years working with brands on Amazon. 

Chris, Ethan and Bridget will share insights, best practices and top tricks, as well as common pitfalls to avoid in order to outperform the competition and grow your Amazon business. 

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Hosted by:

Chris Mole

As Molzi’s founder and CEO, Chris has the experience and expertise in helping huge brands grow strategically on Amazon, most recently he’s been helping brands adjust their strategy to meet unprecedented demands. 

Ethan Kitching, Molzi COO

Ethan Kitching

Ethan Kitching was Molzi’s 1st employee! Now CCO, Ethan heads up the Business Development team, working to help brands manage and grow their Amazon business

Bridget Morrow

As Head of Client Services, Bridget has worked with brands of all sizes grow Amazon sales. Having worked at Molzi for the last two years, she’s been an integral part of our success and have expert knowledge on AMS. 

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