Amazon survey and trends
Over 15 million Amazon shoppers ventured into new product categories during lockdown. To help online retailers better cater to this crucial demographic, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of over 1,000 UK consumers who shop on Amazon at least twice a month.  Here’s what we learnt.

Research sample

This report analyses the shopping preferences and behaviours of 1,007 UK consumers of the 7,372,158 adults who order something from Amazon at least twice a month. The multiple-choice survey was conducted with help from market research consultancy Censuswide, and the survey was conducted between 4th June and 9th June 2020.

The qualified sample was evenly split by gender with 57% identifying as female and 43% identifying as male. All respondents were then weighted to the Nationally Representative demographic percentages of age, gender and region to confirm the data is representative.

What Amazon shoppers want: key observations

New Amazon Shoppers UK LockdownLockdown brought new shoppers to Amazon

Over 15 million shoppers bought products on Amazon that they’d never bought on the site before. Total value of these products topped an estimated £1.8 billion

Amazon shoppers purchased personal care items most

After personal care (e.g. toothbrushes, make-up) (34%), the most popular categories were hobbies (30%), technology (25%), clothes (23%) and cooking and baking (22%).

High Street UK LockdownAmazon is not just a lockdown necessity

Nearly all (97%) of online shoppers who have purchased any products for the first time online using Amazon in lockdown will continue using the site even as lockdown is lifted, with 15% shunning the high street and only using Amazon.

Amazon Perception UK LockdownPerception of Amazon has improved during lockdown

42% of respondents say their impression of Amazon has improved and only five in a hundred (5%) say its worsened.

MVP UK LockdownAmazon is second most valuable lockdown service

Amazon ranked more valuable lockdown service (60%) than online food delivery (30%) or streaming services like Netflix (25%), only the NHS comes higher (61%).

“For many people, lockdown has turned Amazon into a necessity. Consumers stuck at home have relied on the platform to buy essential and non-essential products for the first time and hugely valued the service. This is no accident. Jeff Bezos has built the entire business on delivering an unrivalled customer experience and it’s paying off. Clearly Brits’ appetite for Amazon is here to stay.”

Chris Mole, Molzi CEO

Amazon lockdown trends: what you need to know

Bezos was once quoted to say “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” and that is exactly what his company has done!

Amazon’s business structure has become a saving grace for the UK public since lockdown began. With a focus on the consumer, Amazon shifted their priorities to ensure the best experience for their shoppers and in return has found itself being viewed much highly than pre-COVID by the general public. 

Find out what other information we discovered about Amazon lockdown trends by viewing our full infographic below!

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