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At Molzi, we understand the importance of utilising Amazon marketing services to the best of your company’s ability so that, as a vendor on Amazon, you are doing everything you can maximise your sales. Amazon marketing refers to the services and tools that are provided to brands through Amazon, so that you as a vendor can run ads through Amazon marketplace.  As an Amazon marketing agency, we’re here to help you navigate your way through Amazon’s marketing services and ensure that you’re using them effectively and picking suitable marketing options for your product’s needs. Professional Amazon marketing services are a time-effective way of getting your products noticed on Amazon and our Amazon marketing services agency will show you how.

Case Study

Indigo Jamm

Indigo Jamm were originally using am Vendor Central account  but it just wasn’t the right  account for their brand vision. After consulting with us, we created an Amazon sales strategy and were able to increase sales by 100% YoY.

Case Study


Lenco hired Molzi to help launch their brand on Amazon UK, building brand awareness in the UK market, and growing sales. Our Amazon consultants advised on their account & created an ad strategy that matched the goals for Lenco

What are the main features of Amazon marketing services?

Sponsored Brand Ads

Previously known as headline search ads, this type of ad is effective because, when clicked, it can take your potential customer to a landing page that features all of your best products (or products that you have specifically chosen). The ads appear in the form of a banner at the top of search results pages. As experts in Amazon marketing, Molzi can ensure that your ad keywords are matching with searcher’s queries so that the right people are seeing these ads.

Product display ads

Using product display ads, our amazon marketing services can help you target competitor products with the purpose of drawing consumers to your own instead. We can also use product display ads analysis to help you view the statistics of your campaign and improve on anything that might be falling short.

Amazon consultancy

Sponsored products

This type of ad also appears when a customer’s search matches a keyword – so we will ensure that you’re using Amazon marketing services effectively, by ensuring that your keywords are targeted properly. When clicking on the ad, your potential customer will be taken through to your product details page where they can learn more about the product before making a purchase. We’ll ensure that this landing page is simple, straightforward, contains all of the information the user needs and leads through to a simply buying process.

As an Amazon marketing agency, Amazon marketing is what we do best and with Amazon marketing services sitting amongst our service offering, we can help you ensure that your products are being seen (and purchased) by the right people. To make sales on Amazon, fast, contact Molzi today.

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