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Amazon SEO Services

As your Amazon SEO consultant, we offer expert services that will help you build an effective Amazon SEO strategy so that you can target customers that are already searching for your product. Amazon SEO can be an extremely effective marketing tool for all Amazon vendors looking to increase the visibility of their products on the Amazon marketplace, which is often why Amazon sellers see the benefit of hiring an Amazon SEO professional agency, such as Molzi, to handle this complex strategy. 

Case Study

Indigo Jamm

Indigo Jamm were originally using am Vendor Central account  but it just wasn’t the right  account for their brand vision. After consulting with us, we created an Amazon sales strategy and were able to increase sales by 100% YoY.

Case Study


Lenco hired Molzi to help launch their brand on Amazon UK, building brand awareness in the UK market, and growing sales. Our Amazon consultants advised on their account & created an ad strategy that matched the goals for Lenco

What can our Amazon SEO services do for you?

As a specialist Amazon SEO agency, we work to ensure that your product rankings improve,  therefore delivering an increase in profitability for you as an Amazon seller. If you have an Amazon seller account (plus a great product!) then an experienced Amazon SEO consultant, to help put together an effective Amazon SEO strategy, is what you need next!

We can offer:

Marketplace audits

Once of the benefits of hiring an Amazon SEO agency is that a marketplace audit can be performed on all of your products. The audit will determine which products need attention and any areas that are causing issues and hindering your sales. We’ll then set out a programme of improvements so that all of your products can be found more quickly and easily by potential customers.

Product Listing optimisations

Our Amazon SEO professional technical team can optimise your listing titles so that they contain keywords that your target audience are likely to include in their search queries. This is essentially matching the right products to the right people and watching the sales increase as a result!

Amazon consultancy

Keyword research

You may know that in order to optimise your products, you need to have an in-depth idea of who is searching for them – but you may not know how to find this information. If you join Molzi, an expert Amazon SEO consultant from the team will analyse and research customer search terms thoroughly so that you know everything that you need to about your customer’s search behaviour.

Profitability from Amazon sales and Amazon SEO go hand in hand, which is why an Amazon SEO agency can be an important part of your Amazon marketing strategy. At Molzi, we won’t just help you navigate the marketplace, we’ll ensure that you’re thriving in it. Speak to an Amazon SEO professional, today.

Do you need an Amazon SEO Consultant to help with your marketplace strategy?