How to increase your eBay SEO

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How does eBay’s algorithm work? It is simple really, all you have to do is get your head around it first! Lucky for you, Molzi has broken it down so you can be sure your eBay listings will be seen!

Barcode Basics – How to obtain UPC Codes for your products

Barcode UPC

Barcode basics – How to obtain UPCs & GTINs for your products What is a UPC? The UPC or Universal Product Code is the barcode found on all products. It is the strip of thick and thin lines that can be scanned to find information on the product. The most common use of them are […]

Ecommerce Wars: Rakuten vs. Amazon Japan 

There’s a war brewing between two of the biggest e-commerce giants in Japan. Those wanting to expand their business into Japan should certainly take advantage of this opportunity.