Amazon Go: Reinventing the brick-&-mortar shopping experience

Amazon Go - Changing Shopping Habits

Let’s face it, the high-street is dying. Or is it? Amazon believes all it needs is a little improvement to keep up with consumer expectations and shopping trends. Enter Amazon Go, a string of cashierless stores where queuing is a thing of the past.

Voice commerce in 2019 and beyond

Amazon claim that over 100m Alexa-enabled devices have been sold. Consumers are consciously choosing to integrate voice technology in their homes. So, what is the state of voice-commerce, and where’s it headed?

Is the retail buyer becoming the seller?

Consumers are changing how they shop which means retail buyers must adapt. One such way we might see this is that they alter their position as middle-man to actively selling their products themselves.

How the high street can save itself

Every year we hear about how Brick & Mortar stores are closing and the blame is shifted onto Amazon. Perhaps rather than blaming the marketplace, high streets could learn from them to optimise their own practices.