5 tips for Amazon sellers to succeed over the Christmas holiday

The Christmas holidays are approaching faster than you can say Ho Ho Ho! If Amazon sellers aren’t prepared for Christmas it could seriously affect their sales. The Molzi team have put their heads together and created a list of the most important Amazon account admin that will guarantee sales and ensure you will have a very jolly Christmas.
1. Advertise weeks in advance

Advertising on Amazon isn’t a 1-day affair. Any committed Amazon Seller should be aware that visibility leading up to the Christmas holiday is key. Approximately 79% of U.K. online consumers say that most or all their online purchases are pre-planned, so it is vital to get your brand out there before your competitors do! At Molzi, we recommend that you don’t stop your ad campaigns after Black Friday weekend. You should continue to bid high until the end of the year. This is, in our experience, because there is increased traffic over the entire period.

2. Make sure your products are retail ready

Inserting high quality images, amazing A+ content, an attractive Store page and an Amazon SEO catching title will all help in ranking your listing higher in customer search results. Additionally, Amazon Sellers should ascertain whether their ASINs are mobile optimised for Christmas as well by inserting mobile ready hero images. All these changes will help holiday shoppers, browse and buy from you due to the clear and concise nature of the listing.

3. Confirm that you don’t run out of stock over the Christmas period

Although part of retail readiness, it is significant to focus specifically on your stock levels. New Amazon Sellers may not realise the extent that running out of stock can have over this peak period especially for FBA users. By running out of availability you are losing potential sales on a massive scale. Sometimes this is unavoidable. However, it is best to be prepared with extra stock than usual for high performing ASINs. For FBA sellers specifically, you should try to ensure that your inventory arrives at Amazon fulfilment centres by December 3rd to avoid disappointment.

4. Use Prime eligibility to your advantage

Products with Prime are more likely to win the buy-box. The winner of the buy-box usually makes more sales than others in the same listing as it is the easiest and quickest way for consumers to make a product purchase. Over Christmas, Amazon Sellers can assume that winning the buy-box and having Prime eligibility will be even more profitable due to the increase of last-minute shoppers in a rush for presents clicking the ‘buy now’ button.

5. Make sure you are eligible to sell your products over the Christmas period

Around Christmas, Amazon decides to ‘gate’ certain categories. The most notable temporary ‘gated’ category is Toys & Games. Amazon prevents some brands from selling during this period because they want to guarantee that customers have a good experience on the site. The restriction should have taken effect on November 1, 2019 and will last until January 3, 2020. Amazon Sellers should therefore ensure that they are eligible or risk that all their preparation will be for naught. Sellers that use FBA shouldn’t worry about the holiday selling requirements though as they are unaffected.


Make sure your Amazon products are part of the festive frenzy with Molzi

Molzi has over 270 years of combined commercial and management experience in strategy, e-commerce, digital content and advertising which means getting ready for Christmas for our clients is a breeze! Q4 is the busiest time of year for Amazon Sellers so we make sure we help take the burden off our clients. We see your product as our own, so you can be certain that we will do all that we can to make sure your product is seen and bought by as many consumers as we can. We believe that your success is our success!