A guide to Japanese sales events: July to September 2019

Summer has officially arrived in Japan and with it usually comes a summer bonus for the Japanese population. So, get ready to think about what you might want to advertise on Amazon.co.jp for the coming Summer Thanks Sale. 

The summer break starts around the 20th July for students in Japan so any businesses looking to promote their summer and camping related products might find this is a good time to do so. Also, with July comes Chugen/Ochugen so businesses that specialise in small gifts or sweets will not want to miss the chance to advertise their stock in correlation with this custom. Also, these same businesses may want to think about whether they want to advertise these same products for Keirō no Hi or Respect the Aged Day. Although not as big in Japan, Amazon Prime day is also an event that sellers should be aware of so that they don’t hinder their sales by running out of stock. Finally, August is a big month for job hunting and interviewing in Japan so companies that are selling smart clothes may want to think about promoting around this time. 


  • Summer Thanks to Customer Sale – A sales campaign to usually sell products that are out of season such as winter clothes.
  • Chugen/Ochugen - Can be between 1st July and 15th July or 20th July for those in Tokyo. This is a custom where people give presents to the people that they are thankful for. Popular gifts include beer, coffee and sweets. Ochugen are usually wrapped so sellers may want to personalise orders or sell wrapping paper.
  • Prime Day – Usually commences in the 2nd week of July and is exclusive to Amazon Prime holders only. Discounts on loads of products ranging from electronics, clothing and health and beauty. You name it, you can probably sell it on this day.
  • Respect for the Aged Day – Celebrated on the 3rd Monday of September. A day to show respect and appreciation for elders. Usually celebrated with gifts and parties. Personalised gifts and party supplies may sell well in preparation for this day.
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