The new Amazon Brand Dashboard helps brands improve customer experience, traffic and conversions

On 29th April 2019 Amazon launched a new and exciting tool for brands in the US to easily track price competitiveness, Prime eligibility and receive specific recommendations for improving traffic and conversions. Currently in BETA in the US, the Brand Dashboard is exclusively available to sellers or manufacturers who own a brand. We’ve got the lowdown on what’s covered in dashboard, and how the new tool will help brands. 

Brand Health

In this section brands can view price competitiveness, Prime eligibility and in-stock rates across their inventory. These brand health metrics are put into a new context for sellers, showing them alongside page views and conversions, along with actions like ‘replenish inventory’ or ‘automate pricing’.

Conversion Recommendations

Brands can increase conversions by having high quality detail pages, and good product reviews. Here Amazon recommends edits to listings that are missing images, bullet points or product descriptions, and encourages brands to build Enhanced Brand Content and address critical reviews.

Traffic Recommendations

Optimising search keywords and investing in Sponsored Ads can help brands improve product visibility. Here brands are encouraged to advertise and understand search keywords related to their listings.

How can I access the Brand Dashboard?

Currently, only brands selling in the US can access the Amazon Brand Dashboard. If you haven’t already seen it in your dashboard announcements, you can access it by going to and logging into your seller central account. 

What's our take on the Brand Dashboard?

Sure, Amazon is on a mission to become the world’s most consumer-centric businesses, but it also wants to retain and grow its Prime subscribers and combat one of the biggest deterrents for shoppers – counterfeit sellers. 

The Brand Dashboard will empower brands to utilise the (free) real estate and (paid) advertising tools Amazon provides – Sponsored Ads, product detail pages and Enhanced Brand Content – to reassure customers with strong branding and product visibility when they’re looking for the brands they know and love. 

The new tool also puts a bit more focus on customer service by putting reviews up front as a primary conversion factor, and giving sellers the responsibility of addressing issues by highlighting critical reviews (3 stars or below) and recommending a response. 

Another nifty feature, particularly for brands with huge inventories, is being able to make sure you’re advertising your most popular ASINs. A no-brainer. 

The Amazon Brand Dashboard doesn’t contain any data that didn’t already exist. As Amazon states, it contains ‘actionable insights on how your ASINs and brands are performing on Amazon’. It neatly pulls together metrics that brand managers and advertisers are concerned with, alongside the sales and performance metrics of account managers, to help brands understand the channel a bit more holistically. It’s also a friendlier dashboard than we’re used to from Amazon! 

We look forward to seeing the Brand Dashboard in Seller Central UK and Europe in the near future! 

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