Don't get caught out: Amazon Carton Content Accuracy Chargebacks

A Carton Content Accuracy chargeback from Amazon means that the products or the product quantities in a carton received by Amazon does not match the information in the Advance Shipment Notification (ASN). An ASN is the electronic list used to communicate a shipment’s contents and carrier tracking information to Amazon. It is required for every shipment sent to Amazon. If a Fulfilment Centre is expected to receive your shipment, an ASN must also have been sent or you will accumulate chargebacks.

Amazon has recently announced that they are increasing the chargeback rates up to $1.50 per defect in the US. This fee change will come to effect from September 9, 2019. In the UK, the amount for this chargeback is much lower at £0.05 per unit but may rise in the near future.

How can I prevent this chargeback?

Provide accurate information in your ASNs for each shipment, ensuring no unexpected products are packaged and sent to Amazon.

  • Ensure that the barcodes on each unit are mapped to the correct ASIN in the catalogue.
  • If sending case packs (inner cartons), ensure that the case packs are not transparent and that the item-level barcode is only visible on the sellable items. Don’t place barcode labels on top of the case pack as this leads to the inner pack barcode being scanned instead of the sellable units, causing a discrepancy between received units and stow units.
  • Affix a carton content label to each carton (package) in your shipment.
  • The carton content label must show a compliant 20-digit number (GS1-128 standard SSCC or AMZNCC) as plain text and barcode, and an ASN/BOL number in text and barcode (preferred) or a full list of POs both in text and barcode.
  • In addition, the ASN must include the same carton level identification (20-digit number SSCC or AMZNCC) to avoid this chargeback, along with the usual ASN required information to avoid a separate ASN Accuracy chargeback.

How do I dispute a chargeback if I am certain it was a mistake on Amazon’s behalf?

Everyone makes mistakes, even Amazon, if you believe that you have incurred a chargeback in error you should:

  1. Follow the instructions in View your Chargebacks to display your chargebacks.
  2. Select the chargeback you wish to dispute.
  3. Click Dispute chargeback and follow the onscreen instructions.

The supporting documentation that you need to provide will depend on the notes associated with the chargeback:

Provide an example of the type of carton content label you use. It does not have to be the exact label from the chargeback, but it must be representative of what you use on a regular basis.

Provide evidence of where the ASN contained the carton level information (either the SSCC or the AMZNCC).

Provide images showing a face open carton, inner packs, and individual sellable units of the ASIN showing how the items are packed inside the carton for shipping. All barcodes must be clearly visible in the images.

Provide a clear image of the item barcode for the missing item.