Amazon officially launches in the Netherlands

After a lot of buzz, Amazon has officially launched in the Netherlands. The marketplace opened fully on Tuesday 10th March but was previously using the site for the exclusive use of selling ebooks. Despite launching itself as a fully stocked marketplace only a day ago, the marketplace already has more than 30,000 sellers worldwide selling on the platform. This is due to Amazon’s already existing fulfilment infrastructure in Europe which means that Pan-European FBA sellers can quickly sell in Amazon’s 16th global marketplace with very little set-up. Amazon’s other 5 EU marketplaces consist of the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Launching in the Netherlands is a key indicator that Amazon is keen to open more European markets in the near future with whispers that they have their eyes set on Poland and Sweden next. The reason that Amazon appears to be so eager is the major opportunity that they see created by the infrastructure they have built in the EU 5 already. By expanding throughout Europe, Amazon can reach an already large demographic of people willing to spend on their sites for very little investment. Since 2016, many Dutch-speaking customers have been shopping for physical products on Amazon’s German site suggesting an opportunity to expand. Perhaps to encourage more Dutch consumers to buy from Amazon, the company wanted to minimise delivery times for the Dutch demographic so they created the new platform for this reason, further increasing Amazon sales in the Netherlands.

Although there are more than 100 million products already available on, Amazon still plans to increase the number of available products in the long term. This is apparently 4 times more products than, Netherland’s largest online retail store until now. Despite this, seems willing to remain a strong competitor against having held the reputation as the Netherlands’ biggest online store since 2016. It is evident, isn’t going to roll over easily and have recently launched their own fashion category and lowered multiple commission fees in several product categories most likely in response to Amazon’s slow entrance into selling officially in the Netherlands.

Only time will tell if will stay a major competitor to the likes of and Coolblue however, with the infrastructure to allow international sellers to sell in multiple EU marketplaces all at once, the reputation as the world’s largest ecommerce company and the focus on customer experience and faster shipping, it is likely that will become a marketplace to watch out for and certainly one to sell on.

Considering to sell in the Netherlands but don’t know where to start?

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