Amazon Prime Day 2019 - what you need to know

Given the phenomenal success of Amazon Prime Day last year, the top 2 questions people are asking this summer are ‘When can we get the barbecues fired up?’ and ‘When will Amazon Prime Day be announced?’. Amazon Prime Day, for those who are unfamiliar to the event, is like the summer version of Black Friday where massive discounts are placed on a vast number of products sold on Amazon’s site. Typically this promotional event is celebrated in the 2nd week of July so our guess as to its timing this year will most likely be Monday 15th July and will last as long as, or longer than, 2018’s 36 hours making it less of a day and more like 2.

Since its launch in 2015, Amazon Prime Day has fast become one of the most anticipated sales events in the retail calendar. In fact, last year alone over 89 million visits were logged on the site. This year we expect Amazon Prime day to be the biggest yet as it will be marking Amazon’s 22nd year of business and their continued dominance of the online retail sector. 

With such extensive traffic, discounted stock is bound to sell fast so brands may want to start planning as to what products they wish to sell at one of Amazon’s busiest times… And maybe pick up a few bargains themselves. Conversions are the biggest influence to Amazon’s algorithm, so sales from Prime Day would be helpful in boosting product rankings ahead of peak later in the year. 

What makes this limited time online event unique is that it is exclusively for Amazon Prime account holders. So now is a great time to subscribe to the service, if you aren’t already, and revel in the benefits of being a Prime account member. Benefits include same day delivery of orders to UK addresses, the chance to watch Prime exclusive TV shows and early access to deals all year round. Moreover, Amazon’s continued sales success and innovative marketing events makes the site the perfect platform for e-commerce.