Amazon's Japan Marketplace: The New Frontier?

Japan is ranked as the 4th richest country¹ and so represents a significant market opportunity for those who are looking to break from the European market. What makes Japan such an excellent marketing opportunity for e-commerce is the percentage of the country’s population that uses the internet – 93%! This makes Japan a highly desirable market to break into for European and American Amazon Vendors and Sellers. 

Currently there are 82.59 million e-commerce users in Japan with approximately 6 million additional users expected to shop online by 2021

Amazon has made selling to Japan simple by creating a regional marketplace: Amazon Japan. You can link up your Amazon North American or European marketplace accounts to a Japan account so you can easily sell on multiple marketplaces. Also, the merging of selling on both marketplaces may be even more seamless than originally thought as your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) on each of your products may already exist on Japan’s Amazon marketplace. Moreover, Amazon gives you the option to let them handle customers’ questions in Japanese so you don’t need to be fluent in another language. This allows you to focus on growing your business overseas without the worry of language barriers through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Japan is positioned as the third largest e-commerce market in the world with an expected annual growth revenue increase by 6.2% from 2018 to 2022

So, the question that arises when you think about is why haven’t I exploited all the opportunities a multi-national company that Amazon have given me to use at my disposal? The opportunity to sell to Japanese consumers through Amazon Japan is one not to dismiss if you’re a seller looking for the next opportunity to get your products, name and brand out to a wider international audience.

In 2018, 93.3% of Japan’s population had internet access making it 6th in the world of internet users

Did you know? 

Growing your business overseas can still be a difficult and arduous task even with Amazon helping you overcome the language barrier. Here at Molzi, we are committed to making sure your brand will flourish in new markets through content transmediation and can optimise and manage your Amazon relationship to keep it going strong. Moreover, with sales of goods accounting for 52.1% of total e-commerce in Japan, it is extremely important to make your Amazon product visibility as optimal as you can, something that we at Molzi have experience in.