The lowdown on Amazon's Subscribe & Save service - and how to enrol

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save (S&S) service helps customers save money on products they buy on a regular basis from toiletries to food and drink. Consumers can save up to 15% off these products when receiving 5 or more of them in a single month to a single address. Prime members can receive up to 20% savings on subscriptions on specific categories such as diapers and baby food due to Amazon Family. In short, S&S allows Amazon customers to save time and money on orders they buy regularly by setting them up to automatically be bought at a discounted price and sent to them on a set time frame of their choosing.

Why should I enroll my products into Subscribe & Save?

Although the discount off a product enrolled in the Subscribe & Save programme is deducted from your revenue, there are some benefits to enrolling on it. These include:

  • It promotes repeat purchases of the same product, leading to increased loyalty.
  • A constant and regular revenue stream unless customers cancel their subscription.
  • S&S sellers will also automatically be added to the Subscribe & Save Storefront meaning your products will get increased visibility & reach on Amazon’s marketplace for no added costs when customers browse specifically for Subscribe & Save enabled ASINs.
  • Customers are more likely to buy additional products from you if they have opted for Subscribe & Save as you become a trusted seller.

You can also use coupons or lightning deals for making promotional offers on items enrolled in the Subscribe & Save programme to further generate sales. However, other promotions might result in S&S pricing violations.

How do I enroll my products?

Both Seller accounts which use Fulfilled By Amazon and Vendor accounts are able to enrol their ASINs into the Subscribe & Save programme, however, Fulfilled by Merchant Sellers will not be eligible. This is because S&S enrolled products are picked, packed and shipped directly from Amazon fulfilment centres to make distribution as simple as possible for repeat custom. 

To see how to enrol and be eligible for Subscribe & Save, click the type of account you use below.

For Sellers to participate, you must, at a minimum, have an FBA account that:

  • Is in good standing
  • Has a minimum feedback rating of 4.7
  • Has been selling in FBA for three months or longer

To enable Subscribe & Save as a Seller you should click Fulfilment by Amazon settings > Subscription Settings > Enable Subscribe & Save. Once you have read the terms and conditions, go to Subscribe & Save to add products to the programme. Alternatively, eligible sellers can enrol in FBA Subscribe & Save from the Programmes Portal.

If the option to enable Subscribe & Save is not available in your Seller account settings, you are not eligible for the programme. The option will be automatically added to your account settings after you meet the eligibility criteria for the programme.

FBA Subscribe & Save Sellers will also have access to 2 forecasting reports which looks at 4-week and 8-week unit demand from subscriptions respectively. This can ultimately help your business improve inventory planning and maintain your status as a S&S product.

For Vendors to register all you must do is go to Contact Us > Promotions and Marketing > Subscribe & Save to request enrolment. Once a funding agreement is signed, all your products that use Amazon’s fulfilment centres will be evaluated for the programme.

What Products are eligible for the Subscribe & Save Program?

  • Beauty
  • Office supplies
  • Health & Baby care
  • Electronics
  • Automotive parts & tools
  • Industrial supplies
  • Home tools
  • Home improvement



  • Musical instruments
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Outdoors
  • Sports
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys
  • Grocery
  • Kitchen

Subscribe & Save may not be the answer to every Amazon account holder but it certainly has it’s perks. Sellers who have products that customers regularly reorder might find that S&S is the perfect platform to enrol as it secures future sales and provides stability to specific ASINs. Accounts that struggle with replenishment may find themselves unable to participate. 

Sellers and Vendors must also consider whether the slight loss of revenue from the discount is worth the increase in volume sales. Products should therefore be considered individually rather than enrolling your entire product inventory. For example, small items such as toothpaste may be a perfect participant for S&S due to its size, price and constant usage whereas items such as pregnancy tests would struggle to find a repeat custom. Simply put, if your product margins are high and you believe it has a repeat consumer base then enrolling those ASINs to Subscribe & Save may be worth your while.