The 6 benefits of creating an Amazon store

An Amazon store is basically an opportunity for a seller with brand registry to showcase all their products in one place with no interruption from their competitors. They are also used as a landing page for Sponsored Brand ads and can be used to guide consumers from off-site to your ASINs. The store can also be viewed by clicking on the name of the brand under an ASIN’s title and can also be found via google ranking making them searchable off-site. We have already discussed what makes an excellent Amazon brand store but why create a brand store in the first place? Here are the 6 benefits we believe having a store can have on your Amazon account.
          1. The only place to escape competitor advertising on Amazon

You should view your Amazon store as a sanctuary away from competitor advertising on the platform. Any seller who has advertised on Amazon knows just how permeated Amazon listings are with PPC opportunities. So, by creating a store page, you give your shoppers a place to peruse all your ASINs without any interruption to the conversion cycle from your competitors.

          2. Shows off all your inventory

Creating an Amazon store is a great opportunity to allow Amazon shoppers to see your entire range in one place, unlike those without one, your products can be differentiated from one another rather than presented as a jumbled list. You can divide your products into different categories that customers might be specifically looking for such as toothpastes or perhaps by age range. By doing so, you make it easier for consumers to find what they want and clarify all the products you sell ultimately improving the customer experience and possible conversion.

          3.Helps launch new products successfully

New product launches can be costly regarding advertising on Amazon because you must actively build Amazon SEO ranking from scratch. Creating a Store is free however, and provides a platform to advertise your new range for no extra cost other than Sponsored Brand ads. In short, you can create Sponsored Product ads around your new product to jump the queue on the search results until you build up relevance and create Sponsored Brand ads with your new product taking centre-stage so that your new range is seen all over Amazon. You will therefore double your Sponsored ad campaign significance by doubling the number of sponsored ads you can use.

          4. Adds some pizazz to your Amazon account

A personal touch can really go a long way when selling online. Imagine that you had the choice to buy from a company page that looked the same as everyone else’s or one that appeared unique. Chance are that you would at least look at the unique company’s products out of curiosity. By providing the customer with a brand store with personality, you will also give them a unique experience which may make the difference between you and your competitor.

          5. Drives Brand Affinity

Further to adding personality to your brand, your Amazon store page can also provide you with the opportunity to create customer loyalty. What content you choose to promote on your brand page can help you connect with your customers through shared common values. Writing content about your brand story will help in this regard and will also make your brand seem more approachable and professional.

          6. Brings consumers from off-site to your Amazon pages

Creating an Amazon store also provides you with a static url that you can use on any of your social posts so that you can drive customers to your ASINs. It is a good idea to send shoppers to your Amazon account to make purchases as the more conversions you make, the higher your ranking becomes. Therefore, although it may seem counterintuitive to drive sales away from your Brand’s website, sending consumers to your Amazon store page is the perfect platform to help improve your Amazon SEO and your conversion rate.

Do you need help creating an optimised Amazon store?

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