6 tips to improving your Amazon SEO product title

Recently, we discussed the importance of using Amazon’s SEO Algorithm to your advantage. One such area we emphasised was the need for a clear, concise, keyword SEO catching title. 72% of marketers claim that relevancy is the main leading factor for improving SEO so it is important to get it right! 

Optimising your search engine ranking or Amazon SEO will ultimately mean that consumers will be more likely to click on your ASIN and buy your products as they will be seen much earlier on Amazon’s search results and hopefully before your competitor’s listings. Before we begin, it is also important to know what product titles Amazon will suppress. In June 2019, Amazon announced that they will suppress any Amazon ASIN titles that:

  • Exceeds 200 characters (including spaces)
  • Contain promotional phrases or subjective commentary
  • Uses decorative characters such as ‘!’ and ‘#’
  • Are difficult to use to identify the actual product

Molzi’s top 6 tips to optimising the SEO of a product listings title

  1. Don’t use all 200 characters Amazon provides. Try to condense it to a maximum of 80 characters to keep the listing looking tidy and easy to follow
  2. Less is sometimes more – keep the title as minimal as possible; the title should just identify the product well enough for people to click on the page
  3. Avoid using all caps – capitalise the 1st letter of every word except prepositions ‘and’
  4. Use numerals to save character space eg. ‘2’ not ‘two’
  5. Avoid ASCII symbols such as © or ®
  6. Size and colour variations in titles should be included in child ASINs not the Parent ASIN.

By following these 6 tips, you will likely see a big increase in your Amazon SEO ranking. However, your title is not the only area of your ASIN that you will need to optimise if you intend to reach number one in Amazon’s search results algorithm.