Molzi as your Amazon Agency, what makes us different.

So, you have decided that you need help with your Amazon seller or vendor account and are looking to find an Amazon marketing agency? Currently, there are approximately 145,000,000 search results on Google for that exact keyword. How do you decide which Amazon agency is the right fit for your brand? Do you have the time or inclination to go through each one or will you just randomly click the first result and hope that they fit in with your business? Both could lead to a lot of time wasted and as the saying goes, time is money.

The best way to ensure that you choose the right agency for your brand is to note what makes it different from everybody else. As usual, Molzi wants to make it easy for you, which is why we have (modestly) provided a list of 6 points which shows exactly how we are different from every other Amazon agency out there.

We are growing fast

Molzi has been optimising Amazon accounts for almost 3 years. In that time we have grown massively, both in reputation and size. We have become the largest independent European Amazon agency and grown from a size of just 2 to 32. Not only that, we have expanded from the UK to Hong Kong and into Spain and are looking to expand further in the near future!

We are everywhere

We have been told that everywhere people look they see our name. Part of what makes us different is that we want to be easily accessible. We don’t want it to be a challenge for you to get in contact with us. We know that you are busy managing your Amazon account as well as overseeing your entire company so we understand the importance of time-management and being easily contactable both when asking for a free consultation and when you are a client.

Our case studies prove how committed me are

We have worked with brands of every size and category on growing Amazon sales and are so proud of what we have accomplished. We have provided a list of our case studies for people to peruse. It should be evident from them that we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are over the moon with the results. We treat every brand as if it was our own brand, putting the time and commitment into every detail of every ASIN.

Our friendly attitude

Professionalism doesn’t mean having to be cold. We don’t believe that just because ecommerce is a complicated industry that we must always be so serious. We don’t want to throw technical words about just to sound smart. We want our clients to understand what we are doing because, as an outside source, we believe teamwork between business is paramount to success.

Every voice matters

Everyone at Molzi has a say. We find that having different opinions about a challenge and discussing them allows for great brainstorming and excellent innovative approaches. It isn’t just Molzi staff either, you, the client also gets a say. We want to know what you think and welcome discussion so that you feel comfortable that your ASINs are still yours after they have been optimised and improved.

We are always willing to help

No matter how big or small a problem is, we pride ourselves on sorting it out. If we don’t know we find out or get you in contact with someone who does. We are always trying to improve ourselves, from attaining Amazon accreditations to keeping informed about Amazon news and ecommerce trends which we share through our newsletter and LinkedIn Amazon insights group, we continue to learn and improve. Our services also match this, when a client asks for something we don’t do, we consider whether it is worth doing as an offering overall.

Is Molzi the right Amazon marketing agency for your brand?

Choosing the right Amazon agency isn’t an easy task to make because every one of them does things differently. What works for one brand might not work for another or the services they offer might not be the same. At Molzi, we offer full Amazon account management services so you can be sure that whatever service you need, we provide. From optimising content, advertising on Amazon or simply providing bespoke training so that you can do it yourself, Molzi wants your ASINs to succeed. Contact our sales team today to find out what we can do for you.