Prepare yourself for Turkey 5 - the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales event

Brace yourself, Autumn is coming and that means one thing… Black Friday! Renowned as the most famous shopping event worldwide, Black Friday gives Amazon sellers an opportunity to gain a massive spike in sales as we draw ever closer to Christmas. This year Black Friday falls on Friday 29th November. You may be wondering why we are talking about Black Friday when we have only just entered August? The reason is simple; to gain optimum sales. Preparation is the key to success on any marketplace online or off. It is always a good idea to plan your deals far in advance. More importantly, Amazon is already selling valuable display placements on their upcoming Black Friday Weekend webpage so preparing for Turkey 5 should be on your radar by now.

What the blazes is Turkey 5 and why should I prepare for it?

Turkey 5 is Amazon’s name for the 5 days that make up the Black Friday weekend. This holiday consists of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the Cyber weekend and Cyber Monday. This year Thanksgiving will fall on the 28th November and will last until Cyber Monday on 2nd December. Last year, Amazon customers ordered over 180M items in the United States alone and over the 5-day holiday have continually surpassed every Prime Day sales results since 2017. This proves just how important these 5 days are for advertising and promoting your products on Amazon.

It is Amazon’s goal to continue to beat their previous event’s sales results. Since Black Friday is later than usual this year, it will fall just after the average European working pay day. This means it is highly likely Amazon will achieve this target. Sales will be much higher as consumers will have a larger income to spend on the marketplace.

A day to day breakdown into the success of the Turkey 5

Thanksgiving – Since American brick & mortar stores are generally closed on Thanksgiving Day, it is no surprise to discover that digital marketplaces tend to do well on this special day. Last year, US consumers spent approximately $3.7 billion on this day alone. M-commerce also made up to 36.7% of all online transactions this day, making Thanksgiving 2018 the first year to ever see $1 billion in sales completed on smartphones.

Black Friday – Online sales jumped up by 23.6% to $6.2 billion in 2018. The Average Order Value (AOV) per customer increased by an incredible 8.5% compared to 2017 making the average order $146. 33.5% of total sales also came from mobile meaning more than $2 billion came from M-commerce. Meanwhile in the UK, it is estimated that a massive £1.49 billion was spent on online sales in the UK last year which is an increase of 7.3% from 2017.

Cyber Weekend – Saturday & Sunday typically make less sales than the rest of the holiday event. Despite this, over the last 4 years both days have slowly been increasing. In 2014, the two days both made slightly less than $2 billion but last year they both made a little over $3 billion each in the US alone.

Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday 2018 was the single biggest shopping day worldwide in Amazon’s history until Prime Day this year. It made approximately $7.9 billion in the US and had already made an incredible half a billion dollars by 7am PST/10am EST. Cyber Monday generally accumulates more sales than the rest of the weekend because many shoppers have waited on specific purchases or want to see what the best deals are over the entire period (no one wants to buy something to find it cheaper the next day).

How do I prepare?

Ecommerce is becoming ever more prevalent during the Thanksgiving holiday with 48% of total UK and 45% of US revenue coming from purchases from smartphones. Sellers should therefore consider whether their ASINs are optimised for smartphone browsing by including Mobile Ready Hero Images for their listings.

Amazon tends to prolong its Black Friday deals over approximately 2 weeks to give all sellers participating an opportunity to increase sales. If you are thinking about selling on the marketplace, now would be a perfect time to consider what sort of deals you may want to advertise during and before the weekend. Creating awareness of your product before the Turkey 5 will benefit you greatly as many consumers tend to plan their purchases before big events happen.

One big question that is being discussed in the UK though is how Brexit might affect the Thanksgiving weekend. The uncertainty of what a No Deal Exit will mean to prices in the UK will have drastic repercussions for sellers either way.