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Prime Day 2020
Amazon’s postponement of Prime Day 2020 into Q4 has led to uncertainty over how the event will affect other retail holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas shopping. To help online retailers better predict how this major change will affect Q4 sales and planning, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of UK shoppers to see how they plan on shopping the Prime Day. 

Key observations: How Amazon shoppers will shop on Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day infographicAmazon Prime Day is regarded as the UK’s most important Q4 sales event

80% of Amazon shoppers plan to buy products during Prime Day and 44% of respondents said it ranks as number one, ahead of Black Friday (43%), January sales (24%), December Christmas shopping (23%) and Cyber Monday (22%).

Prime Day InfographicSpecial deals and promotions will influence the choice of most Prime Day shoppers

57% of shoppers claimed they do not have specific products in mind. The prospect of taking advantage of special deals is the biggest reason for shoppers to make Prime Day purchases (65%) this year.

Prime Day infographicTechnology is anticipated to be the most popular category 

38% of UK respondents said they are likely to buy technology products, followed by books (27%), clothes (25%), hobbies (25%) and personal care products (21%).

Prime Day infographicDelivery time is the number one factor driving purchase preference

57% of shoppers say that a quick delivery is the top reason they buy on Amazon. Other reasons consist of discounts on the usual price (51%), reviews (43%) and high quality images and descriptions (29%).

“The data makes it irrefutable: Amazon Prime Day is a huge deal for online shoppers. Amazon hasn’t even revealed the date yet, but the great British public is already intending to cash in on flash deals. And with more than half of shoppers undecided on which products to buy, the coming weeks will see an enormous scramble for brands to capture market share around this lucrative spike in the ecommerce calendar.”

Chris Mole, Molzi CEO

Research sample

This report analyses the shopping preferences and behaviours of 1,001 UK consumers and was conducted with help from market research consultancy Censuswide, between 19th August and 21st August 2020.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 predictions: what you need to know

Ever since Amazon postponed Prime Day 2020, many brands are unsure what to expect from both, the success of the 2-day event and how it will affect other Q4 retail holidays. From our research, we can hypothesise that the movement of Prime Day will not affect how important the retail event is. It will most likely be even more important than it is in July due to its proximity to Christmas and the new year. Although other retail holidays such as Black Friday may be overshadowed a little, selling during these events will still bring increased traffic to your brand as many consumers still see these retail events as significant especially for those without Prime benefits.

Find out what other information we discovered about Q4 Prime Day predictions by viewing our full infographic below!