Molzi's inside scoop on Amazon Prime Day 2019

It has been a year since Amazon’s 48-hour extravaganza, Prime Day. It was announced that during those 2 days over 175 million items were purchased ranging from devices, groceries, clothes and more. 

Last year also turned out to be the most successful Prime Day yet with sales apparently surpassing the previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Independent third-party sellers were most successful over the 2-day event and made over $2 billion of sales by themselves. Here in the UK the best sellers were all electrical items such as the Sony PlayStation Classic console and the Shark Vacuum Cleaner. Whereas in Japan, more practical items sold well such as Happy Belly Water and Pampers Premium Protection Diapers. Overall, more than 100,000 laptops, 200,000 televisions, 300,000 headphones, 350,000 luxury beauty products and over 1 million toys were sold during Prime Day 2019.

Find out below, the results that Molzi saw from our clients last year!

We at Molzi ran an analysis of promotional success across all our brands and saw the following:

  • There was a significant increase in impressions and clicks across all categories on Monday as shoppers flocked to Amazon to check out Prime Day deals.
  • Due to the high volume of traffic, CPC and ad spend were higher on Monday while ad-attributed sales were better on the second day of the event, Tuesday.
  • Electronics brands running deals supported by Sponsored Ads on Prime Day saw average sales jumping as much as 900%!
  • Brands running deals on Prime Day unsupported by Sponsored Ads actually saw a drop in ad sales by up to 11%.
  • Brands not running deals on Prime Day saw an average increase in ad spend by 45% due to increased competition, and a slight jump in sales up to 4%.
  • Brands who were late to submit deals and opted for vouchers, supported by Sponsored Ads, saw sales improve by 75% compared to the previous week.

In conclusion, brands actively participating and investing in Prime Day deals were the big winners! In our experience it is always best to increase your ad spend during Prime Day, but it is also good practise to apply deals on your products to achieve optimum sales. If you miss the opportunity to apply deals on any of your products during Prime Day, our Molzi experts suggest placing voucher discounts on your most marketable ASINs as a substitute. Although it will not be as successful as a Prime Day deal, it will still achieve better sales than placing no discounts at all. 

With this in mind, we at Molzi are looking forward to preparing our clients for the back to school sales and of course Black Friday! We advise others to start doing the same!

Is your Prime Day strategy not up to scratch?

When you think about Prime Day you instantly think about the crowds of consumers desperately snatching bargains but online discounts require dedication and optimisation by the brand. Molzi can help provide this service for you. Our entire team is dedicated to the nitty gritty of maintaining a successful Amazon account from executing the best promotional campaigns that fit within your Amazon strategy, creating mobile-optimised content and stand-out store pages and providing an excellent advertising strategy to target potential consumers. Contact us today to ensure that your Prime Day sales take off!