6 questions to ask before hiring an Amazon consultant

From growing sales and launching new product ranges in new marketplaces, to reducing your ACoS and providing a larger ROI, the right Amazon consultant can do it all. But how do you find the right Amazon consultant and develop the right Amazon strategy for 2020? Discover our top 6 questions to ask before hiring an Amazon consultant to ensure your Amazon strategy is right for your brand!

Why hire an Amazon consultant to help grow your brand? Brands invest in Amazon consultants for a variety of reasons. Fundamentally, getting the most out of Amazon requires a high level of time and skill. The right Amazon consultant works with Amazon Sellers and Vendors all day everyday. From product listing set-up and optimisation, Amazon advertising and winning the Buy Box to product compliance and operational logistics, your Amazon consultant should have the expertise to advise in all areas. 

However, not all Amazon consultants are equal! How do you navigate through all the different Amazon agencies to find the right Amazon consultant for you? It’s easy! Ask these 6 questions to determine which consultant is right for your brand. 

1. How much ecommerce experience do they have?

An Amazon consultancy with little ecommerce experience is a dangerous combination. If they don’t have much knowledge about ecommerce, they will be unable to provide a clear, concise strategy to boost Amazon sales. To ensure a sales strategy that works, an Amazon agency must also understand how ecommerce sales works. Making decisions to increase ASIN sales isn’t a shot in the dark, it requires a good understanding of trends, customer insight, ecommerce knowledge and skill. All of this comes with the right experience!

2. Do they offer the right Amazon services for you?

Not all Amazon consultancies provide the same services. Some focus on a unique part of the Amazon strategy process such as PPC or content optimisation. Although this is an excellent way to improve part of your strategy that may need help, it can be difficult to determine which part of your strategy needs help. Moreover, sometimes only focusing on one part of your strategy may mean you ignore the rest. This may end up negatively affecting your sales as a successful Amazon strategy or campaign should be like a well-oiled machine, each part should complement one another. For example, if you are using sponsored brands but haven’t made your ASINs retail ready then you will end up spending more money than making it. It may be best to determine what services you need by booking a consultation or consider whether you need help with the entire strategy process.

3. Do they understand and implement Amazon SEO?

In business SEO is an important factor to any industry if you want to be seen so why should selling on Amazon be any different? Amazon SEO isn’t the same as Google’s though. If your Amazon consultant doesn’t understand that then you may have a big problem. An Amazon strategy that doesn’t factor in Amazon’s A9 algorithm will struggle to ever be a success. It affects every part of the process from advertising, content and even account management so every campaign must be optimised for SEO. However, Amazon SEO isn’t a static thing, it is constantly updating and changing so your Amazon consultant must also be aware of these changes and adapt their strategies to this.

4. Do they have a portfolio of case studies?

A portfolio of case studies means two things. Firstly, they have experience in providing strategic help to another business successfully and secondly, that they are proud of their work. Both things are excellent qualities in an Amazon consultancy. If you have seen the success that they have brought to their clients that are like yours, the likelihood is that they can do something similar for you. Also, if it is a well-known brand then they believe in the skills that the consultancy has in creating great Amazon strategies. Case studies will help give you an idea of the sort of Amazon consultancy that you are considering and the sort of strategy they will provide for your brand.

5. What do other brands say about them?

You can find out a lot about the sort of business you are by what other business say about you. The same goes for agencies. Reputation is everything, if a brand has had a bad experience with an agency then the chances are that they will have let other businesses know. Equally, if a brand has had an excellent experience with an Amazon consulting agency then they will also let people know and will probably still be working with or in contact with them. Customer retention shows a lot about an agency, it shows that they are easy to talk with and that their Amazon strategies work.

6. Are they a transparent business?

There are some agencies which are best to avoid as they don’t always act transparently with their clients. It can be an uncomfortable experience to provide an agency with private details about your brand, but it can be a much more unpleasant experience to not be kept in the loop after doing so. A good Amazon consultant will be open with what they plan to do, who has been assigned with implementing the strategy and will keep you updated with any details weekly. A major black flag for any brand should be if their pricing is transparent or not. Any reputable marketing agency should be forthcoming with the price range of the services before any contract is signed so that it can be negotiated with the client. An Amazon consultant should be viewed as part of your business so if you cannot trust them, then it is difficult to implement a successful strategy. It is therefore important to choose a marketing agency with personality and that is transparent in all that it does. 

Work with a trusted Amazon consultancy

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