How to drive traffic to your Amazon listings in 2020

The new year is finally here and with it comes a new target to aim for by the end of 2020. Beat your brand’s 2019 overall sales by making sure your listings are driving as much traffic as they possibly can. Discover our 5 top tips for driving Amazon traffic.
  1. Improve your Amazon SEO

This is the most important factor when trying to get more views on Amazon. If your product isn’t optimised for Amazon’s SEO algorithm, then the likelihood of people discovering your products naturally is low. Make sure that your products are retail ready, have clear concise titles and high-resolution pictures. Simply put, think about how you shop on Amazon; you most likely only view listings that show what it is and probably never pass the first page of search results. It is paramount to optimise your Amazon SEO if you want to drive Amazon traffic to your listings.

  1. Use Amazon advertising  to your advantage

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands are advertising options that will drive traffic to your products. Advertised listings are removed from Amazon’s algorithm and given their own area on search results and the site. Sponsored Product will move a specific ASIN to appear at the top of the product search result pages making it almost unmissable. Whereas a Sponsored Brand ad will appear in Amazon search results and will show your brand logo, a custom headline and up to three chosen products to view. To use Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products, it is imperative to set up a Store Page for your brand. It can be used by Amazon Sellers as a curated landing destination. Also, if consumers want to see more of your products, they can by browsing your Store Page. It shows all your products that you sell on Amazon in one place without interference from your competitors. Sellers can also take advantage of providing deals on their Amazon listings. Amazon deals have an entire page dedicated to them which will not only increase Amazon views but also improve product conversion rates.

  1. Drive traffic to your Amazon product pages

Brands consider Amazon to be a marketplace which steals potential sales from their site. It is quite the opposite though; many people come to Amazon without a specific brand in mind and buy off Amazon because of convenience as evidenced by our 2019 Marketplace ReportBrands should use their success off-site to improve their visibility on Amazon. By driving external traffic to their Amazon listings, they will not only make definite sales from people searching their exact brand but will also improve their SEO on-site and therefore increase the views from consumers unsure of which brand they want to buy.

  1. Determine whether your listings are in the most suited category

The category in which an ASIN is situated can be crucial in determining how many views it gets. If chosen poorly, your visibility will mirror that. Amazon prides itself on showing ASINs that are the closest match to what consumers are looking to buy. If your product seems out of place compared to others, your ASIN may be penalised for it. To ensure you gain as much traffic as possible, it may be worth conducting some competitor research to see if the categories you are selling in are the right ones for your products.

  1. Piggyback off the success of certain variations with Parent/Child ASINs

If a variation of your product such as a specific colour or size is getting a lot of traffic and sales, consider whether you should merge other ASINs to it. By making them variations of one another, buyers can easily view either of them as if they were part of the same listing. This will improve any variation that was struggling with low views. Moreover, any reviews you have for either listing will now be shared between them, further improving your Amazon SEO, again making it more likely your products will be seen naturally in search results. If there are other sellers using duplicate listings for your branded product, it is also a good idea to merge these ASINs into your original ASIN.

Drive Amazon traffic to your ASINs in 2020

Molzi understands the difficulty between running an account and optimising your sales. It is hard to juggle both especially when there are added fees to consider. Why not let our team have a look at your Amazon account and see how we can help you? From content optimisation, advertising and account management, we can help you through every step of the ecommerce journey. Contact us now to see exactly how we can help drive traffic to your Amazon listings.