Let's talk business: What is Amazon Business and is it worth it?

You may have heard of Amazon Business or you might not even have known it existed but either way it is worth knowing what exactly this service is and whether it’s right for your brand. So, what is it? Amazon Business is a separate marketplace specifically developed for businesses to sell to businesses rather than individuals. It focusses on business-related products such as IT, education and food service supplies, to the obscure such as hospital beds. 

Sellers can create quantity-based discounts to entice businesses looking to make bulk buys, which in turn can mean a higher yield than selling individually. Moreover, it can be a perfect platform to sell more obscure products that would get fewer views and sales on Amazon’s original marketplace. Sellers can choose to make offers available to business customers only, so that their original consumer account is unaffected by any major business discounts they are offering. Moreover, sellers can highlight their diversity in order to stand out from the rest – businesses looking to buy from ethical sellers can refine their search results to certain supplier certifications for instance, ones that are female-owned, in order to support them.

35% of female-led small business owners claim that their greatest challenge is a lack of capital and cash flow

If you are a business looking for supplies, the benefits of signing up to Amazon Business are many. First and foremost, using Amazon Business allows you to find all of your products in the same marketplace rather than ordering from several businesses on different sites/platforms. Also the constantly growing number of sellers means you will get more choice and variety all on one site. Registration is free for business customers, although all new accounts must first be verified by Amazon. Businesses can also create a multi-user business account, rather than a single account, which allows for different payment offers such as paying by invoice. Multi-user accounts also include an analytics dashboard to easily manage and determine what areas your business budget is being spent on. Furthermore, Amazon Business features free one-day delivery on qualifying orders of £30 or more, and you can buy products in bulk and still gain discounts including tax-exemption benefits. This service can be linked to your existing Amazon Prime account making the transition easy.

Recently, Amazon launched Amazon Business Prime which provides more benefits for UK businesses and makes online shopping even more convenient. What makes Amazon Business Prime different from Amazon Prime is that it can allow all company employees to hold the Prime benefits rather than one single owner and also gives businesses exclusive tools Amazon Business and Prime users are denied if any plan is bought other than the ‘basic’ one. Amazon Spend Visibility is one such tool which analyses spending patterns to inform budget decisions making what is being bought on the marketplace easier to see. Another tool that is provided is Amazon’s Guided Buying which allows policies to be created by account managers to guide employees using the account to approved products, in order to provide more efficiency within the company. Amazon Business Prime also provides free one-day delivery to companies and access to even more offers just for Business Prime members. Amazon Business Prime starts from £80 plus VAT per year for up to three users but can be upgraded to give unlimited users access to the marketplace. It is certainly worth having a look into Amazon Business Prime if you are already using Amazon Business and are looking for new ways to improve company spending efficiency but only time will tell how successful an Amazon Business Prime subscription will be.


Amazon Business US served more than 400,000 businesses and generated over $1bn in sales in 2015

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