Why Sellers should have an Amazon Store this Christmas holiday

As a famous brand once told us, ‘holidays are coming’. This means one thing for the world of online marketplaces; more online footfall from people looking for Christmas presents. More footfall ultimately means increased sales and chances for Amazon Sellers to succeed this Christmas. So how can Amazon Sellers ensure customers buy from them and not their competitors? Amazon Store feature pages can help by increasing your sales and improving consumer loyalty.

Amazon Store page – What is it?

An Amazon Store is a free feature available for Amazon Vendors & Sellers who are brand registered with Amazon. In short, they are Amazon pages associated directly with a brand. They allow sellers to showcase their full ranges and provide a more colourful brand experience for shoppers. Shoppers can find your Amazon Store by clicking on your brand name on your product listing pages. Sellers can use both image & videos on their Store page to improve the customer experience. Brand Store pages can be viewed on mobile and computer. Without developing a Store page, your page will only portray a list of your products which will not be user optimised and will not hold audience attention for long and may lower your Amazon SEO ranking. Amazon Store pages are customisable meaning that no two will ever look the same although there are pre-set templates to follow.

Why you need an Amazon Store page over Christmas?

A landing page to advertise to

The countdown to Christmas is essential for doing well over the Christmas period. This is because product awareness with your target customers is key. If they are reminded of your products in the lead up to Christmas, they will automatically connect them with potential holiday gift ideas for family & friends. An Amazon Store page can be used by Amazon Sellers as a curated landing destination for Amazon Sponsored Brand ads. When a consumer clicks on your ad they will be brought to your Store Page which shows all your products that you sell on Amazon in one place without interference from your competitors. Sellers can also use their Store page to bring shoppers from off Amazon’s site onto it, meaning you could use Google ads & Amazon advertising to promote your brand onto the same landing page.

Provide a frictionless Amazon Shopping experience

We all know it but we daren’t mention it; Christmas is super stressful! Both for the Amazon Seller and for consumers. Having a Store page can help make shopping a little less stressful for consumers as they won’t have to search for every item on their shopping list individually rather, they can browse by a trusted Seller or brand instead. Another added benefit of holiday-shoppers perusing your Store page is that they may find a product that they didn’t know you sold but want. We have all been in the situation where something catches your eye while you are shopping, and you add it to your shopping basket on an impulsive whim. A Store page increases the chances of Christmas shoppers doing this. By keeping them surrounded with all the products you sell they are less likely to be drawn away by a similar product elsewhere and more likely to buy extra gifts from you as well.

Individualise your Brand identity

What makes your product unique? Often, it is a Seller’s brand identity that makes the difference. A Store page will allow Sellers to direct customers to an immersive shopping experience with your brand where you can also sell your brand story. Rather than relying on selling a product by the ASIN alone, Brand Stores can help Amazon Sellers sell their brand by showing off why a consumer should buy from them rather than their competitors. Some examples of this could be your core principles or simply your brand personality. One idea could be as specific as to show off your brand’s eco-consciousness. Basically, a Store page will help emphasise what makes your brand unique. You may decide that Christmas is such an important factor in increasing your sales that you may want to give your Store its own Christmas page with a festive twist if you have the time. Amazon Sellers can use them to showcase lifestyle images that put the product into context, for example adding a Christmas theme to a toy brand could include images such as children playing with them next to a Christmas tree or them popping out of a hung up Christmas stocking. Be careful if you do so though as, if it is too seasonal, it may be rejected.

Ensure your Amazon Store bring you good tidings this year with Molzi

The holidays are a time of joy for many but for Amazon Sellers it is also a time of great stress. There is so much to do and so little time to do it, all the while your stock is constantly being depleted by Christmas shoppers. Molzi is here to help. Our entire team is dedicated to optimising and maintaining your successful Amazon account from applying deals, optimising content and resolving issues that arise from a successful account so you can enjoy a silent night this Christmas!