A guide to Japanese sales events: January to March 2020

It’s the beginning of a new year and with it comes new opportunities to sell on Amazon Japan’s marketplace. Vendors might want to think about the ways to gain more exposure for their products during the New Year. For example, the New Year Sales happening in Japan at this time would be a great way to get rid of old stock.

You should also involve yourself in selling lucky bags to advertise your brand and attract more customers for the year ahead. Two marketing days that go hand in hand will be Valentine’s Day and White Day which will both be major successes with online confectioners and gift sellers. Presents for women and girls will also be popular during Hinamatsuri, so vendors should make sure to have enough stock for these events. The first quarter of the year is also Hanami season so those selling picnic items, beverages and family games might find this time as a good advertising opportunity for their Amazon products. Finally, unlike the Western world, the new school year begins around the start of April, so those selling stationery and school related items may have a boost of business both in March/April in Japan and September in the EU/US. 

  • New Year – Children may receive a New Year’s allowance called Otoshidama on the 1st January so children's toys might sell well at the beginning of the year
  • Nengajo – Celebrated around 1st January. People send New year’s greeting cards to one another (more popular than Christmas cards). Those selling personalised cards on Amazon might want to consider selling for Nengajo.
  • New Year Sales - A sales event to usually sell products that are out of season.  Summer clothes in particularly might sell well if discounted.
  • Lucky Bags – Celebrated on the 1st Jan. Fukubukuro (or lucky bags) are sold, usually filled with unknown random or themed content and sold for about half the price of the retail value of the whole package. This is a perfect way to promote your products such as perfumes, toys, chocolate/candy.
  • Valentine’s Day – Celebrated on 14th Feb. Similar to Western version but women present their presents to men only. Chocolate/candy and aftershave will sell well.
  • Back to School – Lasting between March to Mid-April. The period where students return for the beginning of the school year. School supplies and stationery sells well during this period.
  • Hinamatsuri/Doll’s Day – Celebrated on 3rd March. A Japanese Doll Festival where girls are given gifts typically associated with females. Girls toys such as dolls and jewellery are great examples of products that can be advertised for this day.
  • White Day – Celebrated on 14th March. Similar to Valentine’s Day but men give back gifts to women they received on Japanese Valentine’s day. Jewellery, perfumes and chocolates will all sell online at this time.
  • Hanami season – A custom where people take time to look at the beauty of the blossoming flowers most significantly the cherry blossom and plum trees. Picnic supplies such as hampers, storage containers and even cameras will be great products to market during this season.
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