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Telling a brand’s story with Amazon Advertising

Indigo Jamm is a UK toy brand focused on quality and sustainability. They produce durable, wooden toys for children 12 months and older. Indigo Jamm needed a way to tell its story of quality and sustainability on, to help drive awareness and sales more effectively. Indigo Jamm didn’t have the time nor resources to focus solely on Amazon, so they decided to hire Molzi!

Our Approach

An integral part of the Molzi strategy for Indigo Jamm was to use Amazon Advertising to help increase visibility and grow sales. Stores are a free and self-service branded destination on Amazon for advertisers to curate content that inspires, educates, and helps shoppers discover the brand’s product selection. 

We build Amazon Stores for our brands based on their objectives, which may be to promote hero products, showcase wider ranges, or promote the brand.

A Store can have three layers of pages: a home page to showcase your brand then two levels of sub-categories to showcase products. The Indigo Jamm Store homepage tells the brand story with a video, and showcases the company’s best-selling and hero products.

Additionally, Molzi wanted to make sure that they offered an opportunity to make a purchase on every page. Within each sub-category of the Store, shoppers can add items directly to their basket. Sub-category pages provide tailored landing destinations for Sponsored Brand campaigns, allowing us to direct shoppers based on their search queries. Brands can inspire interested shoppers without interruption from competitors, and we can also track sales from outside sources. 

As Mike Reeve said, “we use Sponsored Brands to direct potential shoppers to our Store because that helps them understand the design and quality of our full range which you cannot show in just a few product images. With a Store, we can tell the Indigo Jamm story and demonstrate the value of our products even though they may have a higher price.”


Advertising Strategy

In addition to setting up the Store, Molzi created sponsored ad campaigns in order to drive incremental traffic to Indigo Jamm products. We used a mix of Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads to grow sales and awareness respectively.

We used automatic ads to discover how customers were finding Indigo Jamm’s products. Then set up manual campaigns with high-converting keywords at higher bids to ensure top-of-search placement. 

Additionally, we set up Sponsored Brands campaigns for each product line that directed relevant traffic to the sub-pages of the Store, helping shoppers discover more products that matched their searches.

The Results

Indigo Jamm had a successful 2018 with the help of Molzi, boosting sales by 217% within the first 3 months of working with us. Additionally, 5% of their total sales on Amazon came from the Indigo Jamm Store.

Through sponsored ads, Indigo Jamm was able to generate 3 million impressions across all of its advertised products over the campaign period. Molzi demonstrated that Amazon Advertising can help increase your sales and exposure on Amazon.  

“It made sense to outsource to a specialist rather than try to learn the intricacies of such an important platform in house without the time or resources.”
Mike Reeve
Creative Director, Indigo Jamm

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