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Applying an Amazon advertising strategy for the EU

Trifo is a Chinese full stack AI home robot company and smart vacuum manufacturer found in the home appliances category. Before working with Molzi, they were selling on Amazon through a seller account and had created A+ content. However, they were struggling to optimise their account and grow sales. The challenge was Trifo had very little search relevancy on Amazon and weren’t showing on the first page of search results. They wanted to boost their sales in the UK and in Germany and asked Molzi to help them with this mammoth task.

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Our approach

When we took on the Trifo account we were aware of how competitive the robotic vacuum category was on Amazon. Vacuums aren’t a repeat purchase item, meaning people who buy one are unlikely to purchase another again for several years. Furthermore, robotic vacuums are a high cost item, which meant people would be more likely to research this category, rather than making an impulsive purchase. After analysing the product category in depth, our Amazon strategy team decided the first step was to increase brand awareness for Trifo,  

As Amazon’s Black Friday was fast approaching, we knew we had to get to work quickly. The first step was optimising their ASIN content with Amazon SEO and creating a new store page, showing off their products. By optimising their Amazon content we knew their ASINs were retail ready and optimised for advertising. Meanwhile, we also enrolled their products into the Early Reviewer program, creating relevancy by improving their product rating with the help of more product reviews. 

Advertising strategy

In order to increase brand awareness during Black Friday, our Amazon team created an advertising campaign for Trifo’s best-selling products using a mix of Sponsored Ads (Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands). The Sponsored Brand campaigns directed the relevant traffic to the sub-pages of their new Amazon Store so that shoppers would discover more of Trifo’s product range, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

We used automatic ads to learn and analyse how customers were finding Trifo products. Then once we analysed the data from the ad campaigns, we set up campaigns with a manual bid strategy with high-converting keywords at higher bids to ensure top-of-search ranking. 

We then began our aggressive promotional campaign over Black Friday by creating Lightning & Black Friday deals to capitalise on the increased traffic on Amazon. This campaign was only made possible by the collaborative way that Molzi and Trifo was able to work together. By working with the client, we were able to create the best campaigns for them and determine the lowest priced deals they could afford to make consumers feel like they were getting a bargain over the weekend. Moreover, by working closely, with regular discussions we could ensure that their voice wasn’t lost and that we could help organise shipments by providing a forecast to ensure availability.

Forecasting their inventory was very important as they were using Amazon’s FBA service. FBA is a great distribution option especially if selling internationally as it can be more cost effective than setting up and dealing with your own international warehouse network.

The results

Our Amazon advertising service was a huge success for Trifo over the Black Friday weekend. Within a matter of months working alongside Trifo, Molzi had helped them achieve the #3 bestseller in robotic vacuums on Amazon UK by the end of November. Our awareness and advertising campaigns created a 2,400% increase in UK sales and an increase in 123% in German sales over Black Friday. Additionally, with such great success we were able to achieve the Amazon’s choice badge for their best selling vacuum further increasing brand awareness, search ranking and sales. 

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