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E-commerce News

How to increase your eBay SEO

How does eBay’s algorithm work? It is simple really, all you have to do is get your head around it first! Lucky for you, Molzi has broken it down so you can be sure your eBay listings will be seen!

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E-commerce News

Scariest marketplace listings we have seen

Halloween is skulking in the shadows and the Molzi team are in the spooky spirit! Join us around the campfire, roast some marshmallows and listen to our scariest ecommerce issues we have ever encountered!

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Content Optimisation

A guide to eBay images

Images are super important. Your product image is the first thing customers will see on eBay. Give them a good impression of what they should expect from it.

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Ebay Jargon Buster

From acronyms to dashboards, there’s lots for eBay sellers to remember. Our Molzi Jargon Buster database is your go-to glossary for everything eBay, selling and listing.

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