A day in the life of...Caroline Tulley, Head of Content at Molzi.

Caroline Tulley is Molzi’s Head of Content, as one of the first members of Molzi, she is the go-to girl for both visuals and Amazon SEO! Find out what Molzi’s content guru had to say about her job as part of the ever-expanding team of Molzi.
What does a typical working day look like?

Everyday is different really! Some days I will be optimising product pages, building A+ content or store pages. Then on other days I could be creating content audits, running content training sessions and checking in with the rest of the client service teams to ensure our strategies align.

What kind of skills do you tend to use daily?

This is dependent on the task, I could be analysing data to monitor how content changes are impacting the product ranking or conducting market research for a product competitor to determine focus keywords for an overall content strategy. I could also be using a mixture of creative skills from writing product copy optimised for Amazon, to building creative visuals in Photoshop for A+ and Store Pages. It’s important for us to get the balance between the content we are creating fully representing the brand whilst also being optimised for both mobile and desktop shoppers.

What is the best part of your day?

The best part of the day is when we create really strong visual content for a brand, and we get to start seeing the impact this has on conversion and ranking through data. Being able to show a client the positive changes you have made to their product pages with the results to prove it is definitely a proud and uplifting moment for everyone involved in making that strategy a reality!

What is the worst part of your day?

At the moment, I would have to say working from home due to social isolation. I am unable to see the rest of the Molzi team like I used to and also miss the ability to discuss strategy face to face with colleagues.

What is the one key issue that you have noticed from your job that brands struggle with the most?

Brands usually forget to consider how their products will look on Amazon for mobile shoppers. Working on desktop usually means that mobile layout is often overlooked. Also explaining that some of our visual content suggestions are optimised for mobile before desktop can be something that is difficult for brands to visualise.

How best can they fix it?

I think it’s actually something that we can fix for them! We are the Amazon experts and by putting in the time to show our brands how content differs from desktop to mobile means that we can provide a consistent shopping experience for every customer while ensuring they remain competitive within their Amazon category.

What do you love most about working at Molzi?

I love that everyone is working towards the same goal! Every single person on the team is so focused and driven that when we all work together, we are able to achieve some amazing results. Also, the work from home treats that we have received in the post during this time are a welcome surprise too. It has definitely cheered me up while stuck at home!

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