Amazon Sales & Data Analytics

Reports & analytics to understand what's really going on

Making sense of Amazon sales data is key to diving success. We use Amazon data sources, and our proprietary platform, to enable us to support your team in efficiently managing the levers that drive the Amazon flywheel. 


Our data analytics platform allows us to flag issues such as lost Buy Box, low stock availability, content changes and negative reviews, as they happen.


We overlay this data with sell out information to monitor how the changes we’re making to content or product pages affects sales.


As your Amazon agency partner, we offer:

  • ASIN reports identifying lost BuyBox, detail page changes, product quality issues and retail-ready products across your entire product catalogue.
  • Sales reports showing your top movers, alerting to stock and inventory issues, and highlighting achievements and performance trends.
  • Search position reports, competitor reports, keyword analysis, sales rank reports, price analysis and more. 


Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO works differently to others. The SEO is focused on customer experience. To improve listings it is important to analyse how SEO friendly your ASINS are.


eBay SEO

eBay SEO might seem complicated at first glance but it really is quite simple. It focuses on consumer relevance. If you sell on eBay, Molzi’s report into what makes a listing SEO friendly is key.

Using sales & data to inform strategy

We regularly monitor organic search rankings, to ensure that your investments in advertising are driving incremental growth.

We use Amazon data sources to make sure we’re improving product visibility, driving glance views and conversions, and keeping your products in stock. 

Amazon reporting & analysis

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